How to prevent and relieve hemorrhoids with Hemapro

Hemapro is a natural and effective solution for preventive and curative action that will help with the discomfort and most common symptoms of hemorrhoids through capsules or creams that act both inside and outside the body.

Pills + Cream
Completo Hemapro

Prevention, relief and elimination of hemorrhoids
Combined treatment
Box of 60 capsules
100 ml balm
Duration: 1 month


Hemapro Pills®
Hemapro Pills

Kill hemorrhoids from within
Stimulates circulation
Natural ingredients
Box of 60 capsules
Duration: 1 month


Hemapro Cream®
Hemapro Cream

Soothes discomfort of hemorrhoids
Relieves swelling
Reduces itching
Natural ingredients
100 ml balm


Hemapro cushion
Hemapro cushion

Relieves pain from hemorrhoids
Improves blood circulation
Corrects posture when sitting
Relieves pressure on the back
Use suitable for pregnant women


The complete hemorrhoids treatment Hemapro is composed of 3 elements:

The Hemapro Pills food supplement, the Hemapro Cream with an innovative and an exclusive formula, and the hemorrhoids care guide.

The Hemapro Pills hemorrhoids pills have been developed to prevent, treat and eliminate this condition from inside the body. Its natural ingredients work from the inside helping to restore the balance in defecation and decrease the pressure in the veins thus reducing the occurrence or swelling and discomfort of hemorrhoids.

In turn, the Hemapro Cream hemorrhoids cream generates a direct and immediate relief in the perianal area, rehydrating the skin, cooling and calming the area. And now with a new and exclusive plant-based formula with Goldenrod, lemon and ruscus, doubly refreshing.

Finally, we offer the best advice for care and prevention of hemorrhoids through our “Online hemorrhoids guide”, to combine with your treatment.

Hemapro is a natural hemorrhoids treatment REGISTERED IN THE EU and all its ingredients are SAFE AND NATURAL

Why is the hemorrhoids treatment so effective?

The new HEMAPRO system comes in 2 versions: pills to prevent the appearance of hemorrhoids and cream to sooth the pain and reduce inflammation.


The main action of the active ingredients of Hemapro Pills is the shrinking of the hemorrhoids without causing damage to the anal tissues, preventing their reappearance and improving the intestinal flora.



Hemapro Cream is developed to relieve acute pain and reduce swelling immediately. This analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment regenerates the damaged tissue and relieves the bothersome pain with each application in the area.


Now, thanks to the exclusive and revolutionary Hemapro formula, you can prevent the appearance and minimize damage from the bothersome and painful hemorrhoids, which will translate into greater well-being and quality of life.

Both treatments have been specifically designed to be used simultaneously, because clinical trials showed that it’s the most effective way to prevent, relieve and reduce hemorrhoid inflammation.

How does Hemapro Pills and Cream work?

Strengthens the intestine walls

Hemapro is a treatment which among other things is preventive, analgesic y anti-inflammatory which has proved its ability of regenerating damaged tissue and relieving pain from nerve endings.

Reduces inflammation

Thanks to its natural and soothing ingredients, Hemapro achieves a direct and immediate relief in the rectal area. In addition, it rehydrates the skin, refreshes it and promotes the natural healing process.

Regulates the digestive system

The Hemapro treatment helps restore balance in defecation and decrease the pressure in the portal vein, thus helping in reducing hemorrhoids, pain and itching.

Natural, soothing, hydrating and safe ingredients

Thanks to the high quality of the ingredients used in the manufacture of Hemapro, we can offer a product that provides effective results in skin regeneration. In addition, Hemapro ingredients are natural and do not pose any risk and have no side effects whatsoever.

Hemapro Pills active components

Ganoderma Lucidum Improves intestinal transit and generates an anti-inflammatory and softening effect on the digestive mucosa helping to bring about improvements in the digestive tract.
Ganoderma Lucidums This is an amino acid that is involved in many activities of the endocrine glands and provides vitamins and minerals.
Óxido de Zinc Enhances the digestive enzymes and is used to control the levels of magnesium and potassium in the bloodstream, and helps to control blood pressure.

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Hemapro Cream active components

Apium graveolens This is the main active ingredient which makes up the new formula of Hemapro Cream. It’s a vegetable compound formed by Goldenrod, lemon and ruscus. All of these help to sooth and reduce the edema, stimulate blood circulation and has tonic properties.

Ganoderma Lucidum Mainly composed by tannins, is characterized by its astringent effect which constrains blood vessels, restores skin and its tone and improves cicatrization process.

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Quality certificates

Hemapro products range have rigorous quality certificates that guarantee the transparency, reliability and effectiveness of the product

QUALITY CERTIFICATES:: Hemapro is approved by the following certifications

REGISTERED IN THE EU: It complies with European Union regulations and legislation

NUTRITION CLAIMS: Effects of the ingredients studied by EFSA

We are so confident in our product that we offer the possibility to TRY IT FOR 60 DAYS, pledging to REFUND YOUR PRODUCT (See legal terms) .

Hemapro is recommended by recognized digestive health professionals

Hemapro is considered by doctors, nutritionists and herbalists as an effective alternative to the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, and having already seen the benefits, they have certified and guaranteed this in signed testimonials.


Dr Antonio Salas Vieyra
Medical specialist in Urology and Digestive System


Dr. Arana
Medical specialist in Urology and Digestive System


Dr Sapetti
Medical specialist in Urology and Digestive System

Many people have improved their hemorrhoids problem, preventing, alleviating and eliminating them

“My hemorrhoid problems were not very serious, so I decided to try the pills for a few months. Within a few days I began to notice the improvement, which was amazing. I am very grateful to these natural products because they are plants and similar ingredients which reduce this problem healthily”

John H.

“With the hemorrhoid cream Hemapro Cream I put an end to the pains in the anal area and the hemorrhoids decreased significantly. I am a new person after several years trying to end hemorrhoids. Thanks Hemapro!”

Ashley C.

“I never thought that with a few simple natural pills and a cream the pain would be over so easily. I combined both products for more effective results and it was like this: it improved prolapse, it reduced inflammation, bleeding and pain. I never wanted to go to the doctor because the hemorrhoids were not of a high degree and I solved my problem the easiest way”

Michael R.

Gifts with your Hemapro order
Hemorrhoids care guide

Thanks to the Hemorrhoids care guide you will receive as a gift when buying any of the 2 Hemapro products, you will know in detail the most frequent causes of hemorrhoids and how to alleviate and eliminate them. You will learn the symptoms and how to prevent this problem thanks to this complete guide written by experts in the field.

Guia gratis

Get the free ONLINE guide for hemorrhoids care, designed to improve your intestinal health and quality of life.

Valued at $10
Tips and guidelines from professionals
Unlimited access to all content
Advice from medical specialists

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