Hemapro cushion to relieve hemorrhoids and correct posture

Hemapro cushion to relieve hemorrhoids and
correct posture

The Hemapro cushion is designed so that you can sit comfortably, without worrying about painful hemorrhoids. Thanks to its design, the pressure in the area is relieved when you sit down and direct contact with the affected area is avoided, so you can work, study or rest wherever you want without feeling worried or pains. Its use is suitable for pregnant women, who tend to suffer from continuous hemorrhoid pain.

Thanks to the Hemapro cushion you can:

Calm the perianal area
Help stimulate blood circulation
Correct posture when sitting

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Cushion Hemapro offers, your solution for hemorrhoids

Cushion Hemapro

Cojin Hemapro, tu solución para las hemorroides

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Hemapro Cushion + Hemapro Capsules

Cojin Hemapro, tu solución para las hemorroides

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Hemapro Cushion + Hemapro Cream

Cojin Hemapro, tu solución para las hemorroides

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Hemapro Cushion + Hemapro Capsules + Hemapro Cream

Cojin Hemapro, tu solución para las hemorroides

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How does the Hemapro cushion help with hemorrhoid relief?

The Hemapro cushion is based on a memory foam with a polyester cover, with a soft and pleasant texture. Its design favors blood circulation and relief of the sacral and anal area. It also helps us correct posture when sitting, relieving pressure on the back and tailbone.

Your cushion for hemorrhoids, Hemapro cushion:
Data sheet

  • Product: Hemapro cushion
  • Indication: Hemorrhoid cushion that prevents contact with the area and helps ro promote blood circulation, helping to correct posture when sitting.
  • Format: Cushion with handle and non-slip cover
  • Duration: As long as desired
  • Use: On a daily basis to help relieve pain

Price: 34.95€
Availability: In stock

How does the Hemapro cushion help prevent and eliminate hemorrhoids?

The Hemapro cushion is responsible for avoiding contact with hemorrhoids when we are sitting. Both the area where the hemorrhoid is located and the surrounding areas are areas of extreme sensitivity, so avoiding all contact is essential to avoid the associated pain.

Thanks to the design of the Hemapro cushion, direct contact with these sensitive areas and the contact of the skin itself are avoided. In addition, its design improves blood circulation, which helps prevent the appearance of future hemorrhoids and heal any possible wounds that may occur, facilitating recovery. Its use helps to correct posture when sitting and is suitable for pregnant women, since they tend to suffer continuous pain from hemorrhoids, but it is not recommended for women who have just given birth, since the affected skin area is stretched, may cause pains and discomfort.

Avoid contact with the affected area
Promotes blood circulation
Comfortable and easy to transport

Hemapro cushion materials

The Hemapro cushion is an innovative memory foam cushion with a polyester cover. The base of the cushion is designed to be adherent, avoiding possible slipping. It has a portable handle, to easily carry the cushion wherever you want. The cover is removable and can be washed in cold water.

For best results, the combination of Hemapro Pills with Hemapro Cream is recommended. Soothe and reduce your hemorrhoids faster!

What other remedies can improve the affected area and prevent hemorrhoids?

In addition to Hemapro hemorrhoid pills, there are some keys that can help prevent hemorrhoids or piles and improve health.

Eating a balanced diet and eating a diet rich in fiber will help digestion be better and reduce the pressure of passing stool by softening it. Fiber is the nutritional component that best fights constipation, one of the main causes of hemorrhoids or piles, because by having to make more effort to carry out a bowel movement, we cause more blood to be pumped into the veins in the anal rectum area. .

In addition, a healthy and balanced diet can prevent us from other diseases related to the digestive system and avoid taking other medications.

To reduce the size and inflammation and above all to relieve the pain and irritation that a hemorrhoid can cause, it is advisable to carry out, in addition to treatments such as pills for hemorrhoids, warm baths in the affected area.

Also, when hemorrhoids appear, it is easy to feel irritation even with the rubbing of toilet paper. It is very important to keep the affected area clean, for which you can use something softer such as a moistened towel. And to prevent them, don't forget Hemapro hemorrhoid pills!


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