Hemapro Cream, hemorrhoid cream

Hemorrhoid cream with soothing and anti-inflammatory effect

Hemapro Cream is a hemorrhoid cream that refreshes, hydrates and produces an astringent effect that helps improve blood vessels and restore the skin. It contributes to cicatrization and contains anti-inflammatory elements and venotonic properties for greater strength and lower generation of prolapse thanks to its new improved formula.

Discover the Hemapro Cream benefits for:

Shrinking Hemorrhoids
Stimulating blood circulation
Soothing the perianal area thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects
Assisting in wound healing

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What is Hemapro Cream?

Hemapro Cream is a hemorrhoid cream based on a new and exclusive formula containing Legactif, a vegetable complex of goldenrod, lemon and ruscus, which is characterized for its edema reducing properties, soothing and tonic, and stimulating blood circulation. Along with flavonoids and tannins from other natural components, it improves blood circulation and helps healing wounds and marks.

Data sheet.

  • Product: Hemapro Cream
  • Indication: Hemorrhoid cream balm format that promotes the natural healing process.
  • Properties: Improves blood circulation, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory and soothing, reducing and healing edema.
  • Type of treament:Cream-balm
  • Ingredients: Natural elements such as legactif, hamamelis water, aloe vera, lavender extract or D-Pantenol.
  • Format:100 ml balm.
  • Duration: Can vary depending on use.
  • Use: Daily, topic
Pomada para hemorroides: efecto calmante y antiinflamatorio con Hemapro Cream

In a survey of 115 customers, Hemapro Cream has obtained a score of (32 votes, 3,75 out 5)

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Gift hemorrhoids guide!

Thanks to the ONLINE guide for hemorrhoids care that you will receive as a gift when buying any of the 2 Hemapro products range, you’ll learn in detail the most common causes of hemorrhoids and how to alleviate them and help eliminate them. You will discover the types, symptoms and how to prevent this problem thanks to this complete guide written by experts in the field.

How does Hemapro Cream relieve hemorrhoids?

The new hemorrhoid cream Hemapro Cream is responsible for reducing and soothing the pain caused by hemorrhoids thanks to its new formula composed of LegActif, among other natural elements that contribute to producing an astringent effect. This means it helps constrict blood vessels as it improves blood circulation and helps healing in case of injury.

This cream acts on certain types of hemorrhoids. Depending on the severity, 5 different degrees are set. In this case, Hemapro Cream acts on those of Degree I and II, ie: in which little bleeding is present, prolapse is small, there is moderate pain and can be treated at home and do not require intervention.

Hemorrhoids are a problem that almost 90% of the population has suffered at least once and are directly related to hereditary factors or eating habits. Hemapro Cream reduces inflammation, regulates digestion, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bleeding effects and contains flavonoids, which generates more resistance in the veins.

The new enhanced formula features Legactif, a vegetable compound consisting of goldenrod, lemon and ruscus, reducing edema and acting as soothing elements, as in the case also of the flavonoids present in the formula as Hemapro Cream such as arnica extract or sunflower petals extract.

Reduces swelling
Stimulates blood circulation
Regenerates skin and helps healing

Expected results from the hemorrhoid cream: discover the monthly results.

From Hemapro we think it will be very helpful to know what results you can expect month by month with Hemapro Cream. Find out how to prevent and eliminate your hemorrhoids!

*The results of Hemapro Cream will vary month to month depending on the person and degree of the hemorrhoid

Results by hemorrhoid degree
  • Improved tone and decreased bleeding
  • Less pain and less bleeding
  • Less pain and less bleeding
  • Less pain and less bleeding
  • Less pain and less bleeding
Results by hemorrhoid degree
  • Maintenance
  • Little or no bleeding
  • Little or no bleeding
  • Significant decrease in pain and bleeding.
Results by hemorrhoid degree
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • Prolapse removed or rolled back
  • Prolapse rolled back
Results by hemorrhoid degree
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance
The hemorrhoid is mild, with external symptoms only. The area tends to itch and traces of blood may appear in the stools although most people have no symptoms at all.
Dilation of the rectum is greater and is manifested with greater bleeding during bowel movements, more sensitive skin, burning sensation, red skin and causes a feeling of not having finished defecation. Blood is accumulated, creating small thrombi due to the bloodstream slowing down.
Pain, bleeding and foreign body sensation in the anus worsens. Itching increases and exudation occurs staining underwear.
Bleeding is heavy and any friction can detonate it. Prolapse is permanent and it’s impossible to reduce them. The pains are severe and medical intervention is required because they are thrombosed. They are dangerous and surgery is needed.

Hemapro Cream hemorrhoid cream natural ingredients

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins or swollen veins in the rectum and anus that can cause different symptoms, all very bothersome, such as prolapse (descent or fall of an internal organ, viscera, etc …) or inflammation. The natural ingredients of this cream act effectively upon all of these symptoms.

Ingredientes naturales
Natural components
Registered in the EU
Absence of side effects
Recommended by medical professionals

Is the main ingredient that makes up the new formula Hemapro Cream. It’s an exclusive vegetable compound consisting of goldenrod, lemon and ruscus. It helps to soothe, reduce swelling, promote blood circulation and also has tonic properties.

Arnica extract:
Contains sesquiterpene lactones, which are soothing, and flavonoids that improve blood circulation and provide greater strength and constriction to diminish prolapse generation.

Stimulates the regeneration of the skin and enhances its hydration. It also contributes to the healing of wounds in the perianal area.

Hamamelis waterHamamelis water:
Mainly composed of tannins, features an astringent effect which constricts blood vessels, restores skin tone and enhances the healing process.

Rosemary extract:
Improves blood circulation thanks to its flavonoids. Contains venotonic and venoprotector properties and its essential oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor.

For best results, the combination of Hemapro Cream with Hemapro Pills is recommended. Soothe and reduce your hemorrhoids faster!
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